Thursday, December 4, 2008

Moby Dick Complete

And here it is. The book from cover to end. I have a title page and a little filler word page, but they arent really necessary so i left them. I'm pretty pleased how the whoelt hing turned out, hopefully Jaqui will approve >>
BTW, Beck, Reading Rainbow for the WIN! ...and don't flatter yourself XD i didn't put all this up for you guys. I put them here incase soemthing happened so that I could snag the files from here easy. I don't grow soft I grow more bitter and angry with my old age tickign of =)
All Artwork © Elyssa Wecera


Beck McCoy said...

lmao fine. Seriously though, the book looks great.

Kris_Rivellino said...

I hate your face. but I'm digging Moby Dick swimming through the heavens, so for spin I salute you. Your uh...talent with WATERCOLORS is enviable.

MegDC said...

Beautiful work, congratulations! I have linked to it at

Elyssa Wecera said...

Thank you very much, MegDC. It's an honor to be mentioned on a website for my work ^^